Well, here I go.

Hello World. Or, hello the few that will read this. Welcome to the blog of P.E. Bolivar, fledgling writer, middle aged Air Traffic Controller, tired father of two. This is new territory for me. I have been a Luddite for most of my life. Only started using Facebook six months ago to connect with other writers, started using Twitter around the same time (to connect with other writers), and now I’m on WordPress (hopefully to connect with future fans, who will then want to follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You get the idea, I know you do). Yes, another writer. On WordPress. I’m breaking new ground, I know. Yay, me!

A little bit of histoire: I started writing as a teen, even received a few rejections from Asimov and F and SF, back in the bygone days of snail mail. But in my twenties I gave up, mostly because I had no confidence in my work. Instead I travelled, worked, and travelled some more. Next thing I knew I was in my mid-thirties, married, with a child on the way, and still hadn’t written that great Canadian SF novel I dreamt about as a teen. Time to get back to work. And I did it! I wrote a novel while my daughter napped, and before I collapsed into bed at night. And guess what? This time I didn’t think it sucked. Okay, turns out it sucked. A 300,000 word YA novel isn’t well received by the publishing industry, but I sure enjoyed writing it.

For the first time I thought maybe I could do this, maybe I could entertain a few people with my stories. So I kept writing, and after 40 rejections I had my first short story accepted. It will be appearing in Tesseracts 19: Superheroes Universe, available in early 2016. And I want all the world to know. So hello, WordPress!

I intend to use this blog to write updates on my writing progress, as well as my thoughts on, well, whatever I damn well feel like. Because it’s mine, all mine! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sorry, got a little carried away. That’s all for now.

If you read this far then you are awesome, and I thank you.

Until later,

P.E. Bolivar


2 thoughts on “Well, here I go.

  1. Super excited to see your new website! WOOOOOT! And let the record show, your first novel DID NOT SUCK. My prediction is that it will be reborn one day, and I’m voting and hoping for serialized comic book release! Bravo for kicking the door down my dear! YES!


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