NaNoWriMo and other November things.

I love November. Ever since my daughter, the Amazing Molly, was born eight years ago on the third day of this month, it has been a happening part of the year. And so far 2015 has beaten all previous ones (besides 2007 of course).
This month I signed my first ever publishing contract, for the short story ‘The Forest Realm’ to be released in The Outliers of Speculative Fiction. Then the contract for my first ever accepted short story arrived, so I signed that too! ‘The Rise and Fall of Captain Stupendous’ will appear in Tesseracts Nineteen, almost one year to the day in which I found out I could actually write well enough to get published.
And then yesterday. I got word that I placed second in Pulp Literature’s short story contest. Normally this would mean very little other than a pat on the back, but they’ve decided to award a second place prize, which includes getting published in their pages.
I love November.

Oh, and I’m past 25,000 words in NaNoWriMo, and still going strong. It’s all a downhill coast from here, right? Right? Anyone?


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